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The Pitney Bowes Dividend Reinvestment Plan offers shareholders an attractive opportunity to purchase additional shares of the company's common stock conveniently and economically.

If you elect to participate in the Plan, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • You may purchase Pitney Bowes common stock at the current market price by reinvesting all or a portion of your cash dividends.
  • You may invest in additional shares of common stock by making optional cash deposits. Optional cash deposits must be at least $100 per deposit and cannot total more than $3000 in any quarterly investment period.
  • You will pay no service charges or brokerage commissions for purchases made under the Plan, either through reinvesting your dividends or through optional cash deposits.
  • Your dividends and optional cash deposits will be invested monthly.
  • The full and fractional shares purchased with reinvested dividends and optional cash deposits will generate additional dividend income that will, in turn, be reinvested.
  • You will be able to sell any or all of your Pitney Bowes common stock in your Dividend Reinvestment account and receive the proceeds from the sale less any applicable commissions, taxes and fees.
  • Your record keeping will be simplified since you will receive periodic statements from the Plan Administrator. You may also deposit other Pitney Bowes common stock that you own into your dividend reinvestment account.
  • You will avoid the need for safekeeping of stock certificates for shares credited to your account under the Plan because Common Stock certificates will only be issued at your request or upon termination.
  • The above are highlights of the Plan. If you are interested in learning more about the Plan or would like information on how to sign up, visit Computershare.

By clicking on the hyperlink you will be leaving the Pitney Bowes Investor Relations Web Site.

You may also contact Computershare directly at:

P.O. Box 30170
College Station, TX 77845-3170
Click here to view the Dividend Reinvestment Plan Enrollment Form.