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The world of commerce is complex. Now more than ever, you need craftsmen to get it right. Commerce is filled with regulations, risk, compliance issues and chaos. It’s also filled with reward, growth and great opportunity. To succeed, you need precision and accuracy. The skills of a craftsman. That’s us. Trusted craftsmen who help 1.5 million small businesses and 90% of the Fortune 500 power their commerce across the physical and digital landscape. We’re one of the only companies who can help you do business in both these worlds. As craftsmen, we take great pride in what we do. Always creating, shaping, refining and optimizing. For a world of commerce that demands precision and nothing less. Pitney Bowes, the Craftsmen of Commerce.

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Filing Date
Oct 2, 2023
Document Date
Sep 29, 2023
Form Description
Report of unscheduled material events or corporate event
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Current Reports
Pitney Bowes Inc.